Our Activities

The company transports strategic commodities that support the economy and national security (wheat and all other supplies – butane… etc).

The company actively participates in the transfer of export and import containers of international shipping lines and general cargo from and to all the various ports inside and outside the Republic.

The company has a dry customs warehouse for storing transit containers and general goods in Dekheila port, which had a positive impact on the speed and ease of circulation movement inside the port

The goals of the company

  • Developing the company’s transportation fleet to achieve the best performance in the specified place and time.
  • Contributing to the development and support of the national economy.
  • Contributing to the development and modernization of the transport industry.
  • Maintaining the price balance in the transportation market.
  • Attracting investments from home and abroad to provide job opportunities.
  • Achieving high production rates.
  • Achieving sufficient flexibility in dealing with clients.
  • Continuous improvement and development of the service performed.
  • Achieving the principle of safety and security on the roads during the implementation of transport works.