The Nile Company For Land Transport

The word of the Chairman of the Board of Directors

         The transport industry has a distinct role in domestic and foreign trade, and road transport is an integral part of the national economy and a fundamental pillar of the development strategy, as it is one of the best means of transport in terms of cheaper operating costs and availability to any place inside and outside the country. In the national and global economy, the expansion of its activities is one of the national goals of the state and a requirement to achieve economic independence. Therefore, one of our main goal since we assumed responsibility has been to focus on modernizing the company’s fleet to play our primary role in contributing to the support of the national economy. Whereas the transport market has a close relationship with the logistics market, We provide our customers with extensive services in road transport, warehousing and logistical support.

Therefore, in the short term, our company will have a distinguished position in the tremendous development witnessed by the transportation industry.

The Nile Co.For Land Transport

An Egyptian joint stock company established in 1963.

The subordination of the company varied from a public sector to a business sector, and it is currently under a shadow

  Law (159) of 1981.

One of the subsidiaries of the     Holding Company for Maritime and Land Transport.

One of the leading companies in the field of transporting goods inside and outside the Republic  Arab Egypt in addition to partnership with others.

* Member of the Arab Union for Land Transport.



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